Printable Invitations - the DIY Wedding stationery option

Printable Invitations - the DIY stationery option

We all know weddings are expensive right! We sure do...

Every bride wants perfection on their big day and it easy to start spiralling out of control with costs! Well in this digital age savvy wedding DIY brides can easily cut costs with printable invitations. It’s pretty darn genius! Rather than fork out a small fortune on traditional letter press kits you simply pay a small one off design fee for your own personalised file!

No expensive packing costs/shipping fees or delivery wait either - bonus. have a quality printer at home and fancy a bit of DIY? Perfect. Choose your paper, pick up some envelopes, print out the invites, grab some scissors and then admire your handiwork! If you are printing a full set then you'll have your own logo included so you might also pick up some glue and a ribbon if you want to be extra fancy! 

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 Oh your scissors are blunt? Ah well in that case your in luck. A simpler option is to pop along to your local printer (or even find one online!) choose your paper and just print as many as you need! You have the design - its yours. Print out 10 or print out 1000. A professional design, a professional finish and at a fraction of the price - easy peasy.

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So back to the design.. Find the one that suits your wedding theme best - rustic, boho, modern, vintage? Send on the relevant information and hey presto. You’ll hear a ping in the mail box a few days later and receive a glorious high resolution jpg file and if you need a revision (or two) then thats what you shall have - for free!

Wether you need an invitation, a save the date, a thank you, rsvp, wedding menu, wine labels, wedding logo, an alternative guestbook, posters - with all the savings $$$ you can certainly help your wedding come within budget. Happy Wedding Planning!!!

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