Wedding fingerprint tree instructions

How to use a wedding fingerprint tree.

So you’ve decided to have a Wedding Tree / Guestbook alternative - a good choice!

heart wedding fingerprint tree

What you will need...
The design (of course!)
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Baby wipes
A small bin (for the wipes)


wedding fingerprint tree

If you are using a canvas fingerprint tree, prop it up on a pretty table and place it centrally inside your venue. If you are using a paper version it is a good idea to have this placed inside a frame ready to be inked! (With the glass removed) An optional poster can advise and instruct your guests how to sign the art!

*Tip, if printing to paper it is preferred to use a thick matte paper/card stock rather than a glossy paper to avoid smudging.

Wet wipes - yes a good idea! As it is not a good idea for guests to be wandering around your wedding venue with paint streaked hands but a quick rub on some wipes will easily avoid any potential sticky fingers!

For the Inkpads... you can buy these in local craft stores and they are also widely available on the likes of EBay and Amazon!


wedding tree fingerprint ink

Ink example 

The colors for the leaves/balloons will come from guests’ fingerprints so it‘s a good idea to limit the ink pad combination to only a few colors to avoid too much of a color explosion! Though this is down to your own personal preference.... If you have a particular color scheme you would like to match, you could even have a few shades of the same color!

 You can also place a trial sheet of plain white paper beside the art so that guests can practice their fingerprints before placing them on the final art. Optionally leave a sign to ask guests to distribute prints evenly though guests will tend to do this anyway. If you do find a few gaps you can always round up a few family members or add a few extra prints to the tree yourself!


heart wedding fingerprint trees


 Once completed and after the wedding day is over you'll have a beautiful  keepsake you can forever cherish - give it pride of place on your wall and enjoy it for years to come!



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