FAQ - Wedding Trees and Guestbooks

What is an alternative guestbook

Alternative guest books are an increasingly feature of many weddings. Guests ink their thumbs and stamp distinctive prints over your art. Not only is it a fun way to include guests, but it creates a unique work of art which can be framed and forever kept as a memento of your big day!

What size will I need

This can depend on how large you want your finished art to be but as a rough estimate the below sizes are a guide to how many fingerprints can comfortable fit on a piece of art. Guests are free to ink their thumbs over any free space.


  • 8x10 inches = 5 to 25 thumbprints
  • 11x17 inches = 25 to 75 thumbprints
  • 13X19 inches = 75 to 100 thumbprints
  • 16x20 inches = 100 to 150 thumbprints
  • 20x24 inches = 150 to 200 thumbprints
  • 20x30 inches = 200 to 250 thumbprints


Can I change the colour

Sure, the wording colour can be changed to match your theme and different shades of ink pads can be purchased to suit your needs.

Can it be used for other occasions

Sure, they are suitable for many special occasions such as engagements, birthdays, anniversaries, teacher gifts and so on. The list is endless! All text is fully personalized to ensure it’s suitable for any event.

How is it delivered

All files are delivered via email - as high resolution jpegs in the specified size. Planning a wedding can get pretty expensive, but in this digital age, savvy brides are lowering costs! You will receive the art immediately following personalisation. No packaging costs, no postage and no delivery wait. You are simply paying for the art to be carefully customised and then it can be printed at home or via a local print shop AND in unlimited quantities.

When will it be delivered

All personalised art will be delivered within 3 business days.

What information do you need

Please send on the bride/groom names and wedding date. Additional text can be added if you would like to add a little message. (In which case please specific if you would like this as a heading or to sit beneath the date at the bottom) Any text details can be added at checkout in the text box.

Can I request changes

Sure, you can have 2 revisions if necessary at no cost, however please try to ensure spelling and date are correct at time of purchase.

Advice on printing and ink

Thick matte paper recommended and also suitable for canvas. Finger print Inks can be purchased from most good craft shops and readily available on ebay and amazon.