Guestbook Alternative - Wedding Fusions
Guestbook Alternative - Wedding Fusions

Guestbook Alternative


Guestbook alternative... a personalised wedding memento for your special day! 

Like the thumbprints shown in the sample, guests will ink their thumbs and use them to stamp distinctive prints over the artwork for a truly beautiful keepsake to cherish forever.

Please provide Bride & Groom name and wedding date at checkout, designs are sent as high resolution jpegs for home/local printing. Why not check out the FAQ Guide to find out more.

The below chart gives a guide for sizing, the example shown is 16in x 20in (Ratio depends on final size)

8x10 inches = 5 to 25 thumbprints
11x17 inches = 25 to 75 thumbprints
13X19 inches = 75 to 100 thumbprints
16x20 inches = 100 to 150 thumbprints
20x24 inches = 150 to 200 thumbprints
20x30 inches = 200 to 250 thumbprints

For 250+ guests, two smaller trees are recommended, though you need only pay for one and simply print it twice. Thick matte paper recommended, finger print inks can be purchased from most good craft shops.